What is it?

"Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity." ... Many exercises are bodyweight-oriented, such as burpees, push-ups, jump rope, pull-ups, running, and more."

Rumor: I heard CrossFit injuries people.

FALSE! Contrary to what you may have heard, if you listen to your coaches instruction and leave your ego at the door, you will have fun and see great physical improvements.   You will see benefits from CrossFit that you have not been able to see with other fitness programs.  Egos and ignoring your coaches is what gets you hurt. 

But, I can't do those movements!!

Every movement can be scaled and modified for your fitness level.  We have worked with young children and the elderly.  We guarantee you can do these workouts.  



One-on-one, individualized coaching with daily direct access to your coach. We use a state of the art nutrition tracking program which includes weekly check in photos, measurements, and weigh ins, all from the comfort of your own home. Monthly $109.00 / 3 Months $299.00

Nutrition Coaching Application

Child Care classes are staffed during our evening and Saturday classes and are included in our memberships.



Staffed evening child care to help you achieve your goals while still being a busy parent. 



Many lasting friendships are made in our child care. 



When children see their parents involved in physical activities, they are more likely to also stay active throughout their lives.