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Jake (CF-L1) Owner/Head Coach


Jacob started sports at the age of 5 and has had the passion for competing ever since. After high schools sports, he searched for something to help him satisfy these competitive needs. CrossFit was the answer! In 2012, Jacob started CrossFit and immediately fell in love with it. Since then, he has enjoyed, not only competing in local competitions, but helping others reach their fitness goals. His outgoing personality makes people immediately feel a sense of comfort around him and find him very approachable. Jacob loves to joke and provide a stress free environment while providing knowledge in Olympic lifting, gymnastics and general CrossFit fundamentals.
Fun facts about Jake: 

  • He loves to fish
  • He has the metabolism of the Tasmanian Devil 
  • He has declared Cookie Butter an official food group 
  • Rap, country, rock, pop, it doesn’t matter, he knows every word to every song and may bless you with his singing and dancing in the middle of a workout

Krista (CF-L1/Precision Nutrition Level 1)


Krista has been involved in athletics since early childhood. Feeling like she needed a change from a conventional gym, she found CrossFit in 2012 and never looked back. She has an excitement for fitness and finds extreme gratification in encouraging others to meet their fitness goals. She has developed a deep passion for nutrition and has experienced the benefits of an effective nutritional plan as it pertains to athletic performance and body composition. She believes in flexible dieting to obtain lasting results.  Krista has a career in law enforcement, as a deputy sheriff, since 2006. She has witnessed first hand how CrossFit can change athletes both mentally and physically. She believes anyone can participate in CrossFit no matter their athletic ability.
Fun facts about Krista: 

  • She loves coffee (Prefers Dunkin over SB)
  • She usually wears some kind of fun pattern and color of workout shorts
  • She may have a slight addiction to hooded sweatshirts 
  • She works with Black Iron Nutrition for her nutrition coaching

Jenni (CF-L1 & Yoga)


Jenni fell in love with fitness in college. Her journey started as a love for running and soon she knew she needed more. It wasn’t until Jenni found CrossFit that she was able to combine all the aspects of fitness that she loved into one class. She is a 200-HR Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and she is excited to combine her passion for CrossFit with her love of yoga to create a more balanced lifestyle.  Fun facts about Jenni:

  • She has a a small obsession with hilarious graphic t-shirts (well... at least she thinks they’re funny! That’s all that matters, right?) 
  • Jenni also loves to cook

Roger (CF-L1/Precision Nutrition Level 1)


Roger grew up in Jamaica and has always had a passion for being fit and healthy. He played sports in school, but not at a competitive level. He always wanted to be a body builder and after a few years of working out, got bored and turned to circuit training and aerobics where he found a passion. Then CrossFit came into his life and boy oh boy a new passion and true love was discovered. Roger plans to start competing in CrossFit competitions in the near future. In addition to his passion for CrossFit he also has a passion for helping others get strong, fit, and healthy. He feels strongly that good nutrition is one of the primary keys for a healthy life and that's why he earned his certificate as a nutrition coach to better help his clients.
Fun facts:

  • He loves competing in obstacle racing, i.e. Spartan race and Savage race
  • He actually likes Burpees
  • He started drinking coffee 1 year ago, loves it, but only espresso and organic.
  • Cheetos puffs are his absolute guilty pleasure. 

Grizzly (CF-L1)


Coach Griz or Grizzly grew up in competitive sports since an early age. She began Crossfit in 2010 and fell in love with it. But it was in 2015 that she found her true passion, Olympic Lifting. She is an International Olympic Lifter Master's Athlete and enjoys competing on the platform. She was diagnosed with Ultercative Colitis in 2016 and ever since then, she has made it a mission to heal others and herself through food. She is working on her Clinical Nutritionist License as well as her Master's in Public Health with a concentration in Functional Nutrition. 

Fun facts about Grizzly: She loves coffee especially almond milk lattes. She loves to cook and make up recipes. Her favorite past time is watching Olympic lifting videos. She has two sons and spends all her extra time with them. Perception is reality. She believes that if you're unhappy with it. Change it!!!

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